What’s in a Logo: Significant Logos of 2014

By now, some of you might have heard that Google has made some ‘modifications’ to their logo.

‘Modifications’ would probably be overstating it. Want to see it? Cue the drum roll!

Here it is.

Google's old and new logo

Google’s old and new logo

For those who couldn’t spot the difference, Google’s ‘g’ has moved one pixel to the right and ‘l’ one pixel down (Image: Gizmodo).

Google haven’t been the only people who have redone their logo this year. Virgin have completely redone theirs to resemble a ‘gesture’, a symbol that even ‘a child could draw’.

Virgin Airlines logo

Disney recently also did a major rebrand:


Warner Bros have also released their logo for their upcoming movie, Batman vs Superman. Although this logo isn’t exactly a surprise design, it does have a darker, grittier nature, perhaps continuing the murky nature of the Christopher Nolan Batman series.


Intel has also decided to simplify their logo in light of flat design trends. For this, they created their own propriety font, Intel Clear.


[Source: Creative Bloq]