The Perfect Office: The Desk

Creative professionals would probably agree with us; we feel like we spend all of our waking hours (and probably a lot of our sleeping hours as well!) at our desk. From the moment we start our daily work, to the moment we ‘rest-our-eyes-just-for-a-bit-oh-my-god-I’ve-missed-dinner-again’, we are at our desk.

Desks then, form an integral part of our daily creative processes, and often unknowingly, can reflect ourselves; our mental processes, our personalities, even our schedules. But we also believe that desks should be designed to inspire us; to make us feel at home and put us in our element. For us, we believe that form follows function, and so we’ve found a few desks that we’d love to put on our next acquisition order.



We love the spartan simplicity of this desk, with all its hidden nooks, crannies and slots for our “work ware”. Everything is within reach and within keep.

Crafted from beautiful maple or walnut wood, the Artifox Desk features slots meant to hold your phone and tablet, while cable management lets you keep all your devices powered without unsightly wires all over the place. A built-in dry erase board lets you make to-do lists, organize your thoughts, and come up with ideas, all within arm’s reach. And its simple, yet highly-functional design means it’ll look great in any space. [uncrate] 




Most of us have things like monitors, keyboards, pen cups, and lamps on our desk. The trouble is, unless you purchased them all at once or has the makings of a terrific interior designer, odds are their disparate appearance likely makes for a messy look. Remedy this situation with a few choice pieces from the Grovemade Desk Collection. The collection includes a monitor stand, keyboard tray, mouse pad, ruler, wrist pad, pen cup, paperclip holder, succulent planter, and lamp, all available in your choice of walnut or maple, and all guaranteed to add a touch of class to your workspace. This selection would be the perfect solution to tie all the loose “individualistic characters” you have on your desk with one seamless look and feel, making the whole “mess” of differentiated desk accessories look like an organised display. [uncrate]




For the health conscious or the unorthodox amongst us, we’ve found the Stand Desk, a desk where you…stand at. There has been much research to confirm that standing up all day as opposed to sitting is better for our mental and physical health. The Stand Desk was a crowdfunded project, dubbed the ‘most affordable electronic sit-to-stand desk’, the desk boasts two-button electronic controls to raise and lower the desk, and a “deluxe control” for a four-button memory control. It can extend up to 45″, and is customizable upon pre order. [stand-desk]


In all, best quoted by Thomas J. Watson, “Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all… good design must primarily serve people.” We’ve found the perfect desks to serve us. What about you? How is your dream desk designed?