26 May 2014

How to Avoid Sinking your Own Dreams

“If you build it, he will come”. This is the ethereal message that drove the main character from 1989 film Field of Dreams to pursue his goal of building his own baseball pitch. And true to the message, people did come to his pitch, and they all had fun and lived happily ever after. Unfortunately, this adage no longer holds true, and the road to success is littered with those who have not realized this. Many entrepreneurs become so because they are driven by an idea. Many of their ideas will be good ideas. But the reality is, many of them will fail, and many will fail for a common reason: They didn’t know how to get their products out the masses. So here are some tips to avoid this deadly pitfall.




1. Think about your marketing before you start developing your idea Read more…

16 May 2014

Keep Calm and Read On – 10 Reasons why Something so Simple was so Powerful

During World War II, three posters were created on behalf on the British monarchy. One of these three posters never ended up being used in the war effort, and most copies of it were destroyed. However,  this poster would become one of the most widespread and recognised icons of the 21st century. 

These particular posters bore the slogan “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON”.  

 60 years after the war, British shop owners Stuart and Mary Manley of Barter Books found a copy amongst a pile of books purchased from an auction, and they hung the quaint phrase in their window. What followed was a ripple effect across London and the world. But the question is, how did such a deceptively simple phrase have such an effect on people, which led it to be adopted (and arguable mangled) by almost anyone and everyone?Read more…

12 May 2014

5 Tips to Win the Internet

By now, it’s not news that the internet is an entire world unto itself, complete with its own communities and dark corners full of weird of wonderful things. One of the most popular things to spring out from the internet in recent years have been ‘memes’.  Chances are, you have already encountered them, either while scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, or having been emailed one by one of your colleagues, titled with the overenthusiastic subject line, ‘HILARIOUS! MUST CHECK OUT’. They usually take the form of pictures with bold white text superimposed on top. But what you may not realise that these silly, seemingly nonsensical images may be a great to fill your content marketing schedule. Here are few tips why you should use them in your next marketing plan, and how.Read more…

08 Apr 2014

Happy Easter – A quick look at Anthropomorphism

Happy Easter everyone! Got your stash of chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies yet?

Easter is a well celebrated festival, that we all know. But what has a bunny got to do with Easter?


The story of the Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny is an anthropomorphic rabbit that lays egg and sneaks into homes the night before Easter to deliver baskets full of coloured eggs, toys and chocolate. We are not too sure either but according to some sources, the birth of the Easter bunny started with:-

1)       The German immigrants who arrived in the 1700s in America told their kids about a hare called “Osterhase” or “Oschter Haws” that could lay coloured eggs. Children made nests hoping that the hare will drop by and lay their coloured eggs in them. Eventually the custom spread across US and Easter morning deliveries expanded to other sugar goodies such as candies and chocolates while nests were replaced with decorated baskets.

2)      The Teutonic deity Eostra who was the goddess of spring and fertility, was worshipped and feasts were held in her honour during Vernal Equinox (the day that Easter falls on). Her symbol was the rabbit (Rabbits has high production rate, and are known to be an ancient symbol of fertility and new life.)


Anthropomorphic Bunny???

an·thro·po·mor·phic  [an-thruh-puh-mawr-fik]


1. ascribing human form or attributes to a being or thing not human, especially to a deity.

2. resembling or made to resemble a human form: an anthropomorphic carving.


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06 Mar 2014

Responding to trends – Responsive Webpage

Website, An Essential

With the advancement of technology, it is vital that businesses looking to keep up with times to connect with the generation of today to include a website as a very important item in their operations.


With this understanding, businesses must also recognise that with the increased standards of living, consumers these days are spoilt with availability of things that makes life a lot easier. And with that, it has also influenced their expectations of brand experiences which has now moulded the way businesses connect with their audiences.

A New Need

The increase in variety of platforms available and more importantly, with the boost in the number of mobile devices that allows users to go online, supplemented with the increasingly rapid lifestyle of having to be “entertained” and perform multi-tasking functions, the trend of web surfing on the go has seen an increased acceptance amongst the general public and is expected to be on a continuous rise.

With the need for convenience and ease of use, Businesses must now realize that it is vital to include not only a website, but to bring this consumer contact point to the next level – A responsive webpage.


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13 Feb 2014

The De Beers Diamond Campaign


Diamonds as a luxury

Before 1870 diamonds were considered very rare. They were usually used by royalties to decorate their crowns or jewelleries.  However in 1870 enormous deposits were discovered and the increase in supply flooded the market. Around the late 1800s De Beers bought out the South African mining areas, controlling both the country’s market and essentially the world’s diamond market as well. Their monopoly over the region allowed them to restrict the flow of supply which in turn enabled them to keep their prices high.

Prior to De Beers marketing campaigns, surveys show that most Americans thought diamonds were luxuries only affordable for the ultra-wealthy class. Women preferred men to spend their money on items such as a washing machine or a new car but not a diamond studded engagement ring (as its value did not seem very equitable to the amount spend on it)

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28 Jan 2014

Understanding Chinese Culture

Blog Post

Chinese New Year

Lunar Chinese New Year is an important traditional holiday celebrated by Chinese people all around world on the first day of every Lunar calendar year.

Traditions concerning the celebration of the Lunar Chinese New Year vary widely. Often, the evening before the actual day is an occasion for Chinese families to gather for the annual reunion dinner. It is also traditional for every family to thoroughly cleanse the house in order to ‘sweep away’ any remaining ill-fortune and make way for incoming good luck and decorate their windows and doors with auspicious red paper cut outs.


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24 Jan 2014
  • Come and Say G'day Campaign
  • Campaign Details
  • Happy Australia Day!

Come and Say G’Day Campaign


To present Australia as a lucrative destination for American travellers of all ages and expand its image beyond than just a “retirement holiday trip” by highlighting the frequency of trips available as a part of the South Pacific tour.

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