Come and Say G’Day Campaign


To present Australia as a lucrative destination for American travellers of all ages and expand its image beyond than just a “retirement holiday trip” by highlighting the frequency of trips available as a part of the South Pacific tour.

Come and Say G'day Campaign

Come and Say G’day Campaign

Campaign Details

Campaign Details

The campaign was so successful that it was included in the Smithsonian Institute’s collection of major influences on American culture during the 1980s.


  • Familiar images were first used to introduce Australia to Americans. The range of images was then expanded, giving potential tourists a greater idea of the various types of exciting attractions available for visitation.
  • A sense of warmth and friendliness was established towards the Americans by using cheeky sense of humour and nice laid back visuals. It helped to ease concerns caused by terrorism from abroad and encouraged them to consider Australia as a safe, secure and comfortable place to visit.
  • Perfect campaign ambassador – Paul Hogan epitomized the Australian brand persona.
  • Channelling campaign into mainstream media helped to put Australia on everyone’s mind.
  • The release of “Crocodile Dundee” which is one of the most successful comedies, featured Australian culture and helped in advertising Australia as a destination spot to the American tourists, boosting campaign’s success level.
  • As shrimp was a more familiar term in America, the word ‘prawn’ was replaced with ‘shrimp’ in the famous slogan(despite much oppositions from the local stakeholders), helping the campaign to connect more with the target audience and understanding better the visuals behind it.


Fyooz Studio Feeds


A brand entails more than just a catchy name, or a well-designed logo. It is a sense of value, personality and style that is understood and recognized by the very sight or sound of it. Effective branding is the result of understanding your audience well instead of attempting to be everything to everyone. Narrowing down, and understanding the target audience’s needs first, focusing on what directly appeals to them and then defining the communication strategy.


The Come and Say G’day campaign is an example of branding at its best. The campaign in entirety, with its integrated channels and its famously marketed “Shrimp” quote (yes I am sure you know which quote I am talking about by now), has aptly projected a certain part of the Australian culture that serves to appeal most, to its targeted audience (the Americans) .

Changing the word “Prawn” to “ Shrimp” has faced its fair share of objections, mostly from the local stakeholders who felt that the quote had lost its local flavour when the ‘un-Aussie’ word was introduce. However, with effective marketing, the word shrimp has now become an iconic representation of the famous quote from the campaign.


Like the campaign creators of Australian tourism, Fyooz also understands that sometimes it is necessary to tweak your approach even the tiniest bit to connect with your intended audiences. It is attention to such little details that can make a big difference.

To commemorate Australia Day we designed a banner and added our own little Ozzie touch to the slogan. So instead of the dainty ‘slip’, we tweaked it to the rugged word ‘throw’.

So now let’s Throw Another Shrimp on the Barbie! And have a great Australia Day!


Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day!